Did not get the daily task!

Hi @Inderpreet, @rahul456 @Ayman and @Tej-Singh-Rana,
I didn’t get my daily task for today. Could you please check into it at your earliest?

@ahmedkuet Do you have any task under review?

No. I don’t have any task under review.

Hello, @ahmedkuet
When you got your last task?

When you finished last task ? They count finish time not start time.

Hello @Tej-Singh-Rana,
Before 27 hours ago and finished the task within 30 mins.

Still waiting for the task!

Team is working on it. @ahmedkuet You will get your task. Please provide them time.

Thanks for the update @Tej-Singh-Rana.

@Inderpreet @rahul456 I didn’t get my daily task too

I have not received my todays task. Its been more than 30 hours since the last task completed. Kodekloud Team request you to check on this .

Same for me… It looks like another bug this time with task scheduling…

The same thing for me

Also me. it should be assigned as of writing now!

I got 3 tasks assigned at the same time. Will these tasks have any impact on task assignment on following days?


I got 3 tasks at the same time also!

Me too ! So most likely everyone get

@mmumshad @Inderpreet @rahul456

How do many people are getting 3 tasks at one time? Whereas others (myself included) have received just one today. This doesn’t seems fair to everyone.

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@mmumshad @Inderpreet @rahul456

Any updates on this? I still have not got 3 tasks yet like other people.