Did anyone take the CKS exam on <https://killer.sh> -- you get 2 free attempts ! . . .

L B:
did anyone take the CKS exam on https://killer.sh – you get 2 free attempts ! they say its harder than CKS

Matthew Robinson:
I did the killer.sh simulator before taking the exam. Passed both the simulator and the real exam. The simulator is harder.

Every question in the simulator is a “hard” question whereas there are mixture of “hard”, medium and easy questions in the actual exam. In this context “hard” may also mean time-consuming and easy may also mean quick to answer.

Matthew Robinson:
If you can get a passing mark in the simulator within the 2 hours then you are well set for the actual exam.

Magnus Markling:
The killer.sh simulator is a real killer! Do it as many times as you can! It was very valuable.

Magnus Markling:
And yes, it’s harder. BUT the lack of time is pretty much the same. That’s what you need to get used to.

Hey, I’m currently planning on taking my CKA exam in October. I’m a bit nervous due to the intensity of the exam. I saw you passed the actual exam, are there any tips you could give me. How long did study, what study material did you use. Anything will help.

@Eb20 , The kodekloud course itself is enough to pass the exam. Also now you have access to killer.sh for free so that it will give you additional practice. Also please bookmark the official necessary URLs of kubernetes.io documentation so that it can be easily referred to during the exam. This is also a good reference.