Did any pass DCA Exam Recently?

Just wanted to ask this question again? did any one pass DCA exam in 2021? How was your experience?

This link will be useful , kindly check it:

Yes I have passed it today actually. I am grateful for all the carefully prepared lectures, labs and supplemental practice tests, BUT, you have to make sure you are understanding what you are learning.

Nearly 30% and maybe more of the questions were about Kubernetes, and practicing mock exams alone won’t help you pass the test.

Because the exam has a weird format where they show you the multiple choices one by one, and even if you think an option is good enough, there might be a better choice down the line, or not. And if you select the wrong option, the question automatically locks down, and they won’t provide you the remaining options. Paranoia will hit you without a doubt :slight_smile:

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Hi, this may sound like a weird question but how did you learn to actually understand what you were learning?

Dear serhatbalik,

Could you suggest any resource which is good for kubernetes question for DCA exam

Apart from labs and mock exams in Kodekloud, the link below is more than enough;

Your main challenge will be to carefully read the questions and don’t rush when choosing the right answer. You know that, they will present you the selections one by one, and it can be misleading. You will have more than enough time to answer all the questions.


Some insights of the exam:

  • Take KodeKloud Course. I’d say it’s more than enough for passing the exam even if you do not have any prior Docker experience. And if you don’t - I recommend going through some chapters more than once (e.g. K8S, UCP, DTR, security stuff).

  • Then move to setting up your own mini-lab with 3 virtual machines and have fun scripting and automating stuff as practice.

  • If you think you’re lacking in any of the areas: using GitHub Evalle/DCA which is based on official study guide is your friend. Read the docs, it helps.

  • I’d also recommend practicing with these DCA exam questions as they cover all major domains and sub-domains as well using realistic scenarios. Most of the questions are paid but worth trying.

  • 13 multiple choice questions in the exam, no brainer.

  • DOMC questions are a bitch sometimes. The questions might not be that hard, but the answers are the tricky part. Sometimes you’d get an answer which seems ok, but the next one you get is more detailed, more “correct” than the last one.

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