Devops Resume Building

Could you please provide any content/reference/help in resume building for DevOps profiles ?

The DevOps interview preparation course helped but it seemed more suited for beginners.

I’m experienced(>10yr) in IT, but have less DevOps experience, so was looking for help on building my DevOps profile.


Hi @Shashankgk16
Thank you for your question, The devops interview preparation course give you an overview on what you need to know and the daily base task for a DevOps. You can use the Learning path proposed by KodeKloud to go deeper on some subject like Docker - Kubernetes - Automation - …

@Prabhjyot_KodeKloud can help you find the best learning path


We would suggest you go through the DevOps Learning Paths - Online Docker Training Course | KodeKloud this would be helpful to you.