DevOps Practice

Hello Team,

When will you be adding DevOPS tracks with tasks on DevOPS, Docker and Kubernetes?

Thank you

@makdevopsapm , Could you please elaborate on the concern? There are currently tasks related to Devops in Kodekloud Engineer Platform.

Thank you for the response. I just started and didn’t see any task assign to me. I see below on KodeKloud Engineer Getting Started page. I also don’t see anything in crusader and firestorm project.

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Currently we have a SysAdmin track that will help you gain experience in Linux System Administration. We will soon be adding a DevOps Track

Hello, @makdevopsapm
Our community members shared a list of tasks. Please take a look into it.

Tasks are already available in the KKE platform but to get those tasks you have to achieve the DevOps role.


Thank you. I understand DevOPS role will be given as I continue to complete SysAdmin tasks?

@makdevopsapm , Once you attain 25k points, you will be promoted to the DevOps role. After you gain enough experience there are roles like Senior DevOps and Architect. So for that, you need to have a strong base that can be attained from the System Admin tasks even though some of the tasks may look easier.

Thank you for guiding and explaining.