DevOps Automation and Orchestration tools

As we are approaching slowly Dev Ops level in KodeKloud engineer I have one suggestion for your for coming tasks. I noticed that you offer courses in following areas: Ansible, Puppet and Chef. In my opinion it does not make sense to learn all three tools. Would it be possible to add to the profile Automation technology field to actually check which from available tools I would like to use in my virtual work. The same would work for Kubernetes and Openshift for example. Based on our choices we will get only tasks which utilize our favorite technology.



I would like to add that there is such functionnality that can’t be done by ansible, but can be done by chef so in my opinion we must know the 3 tools to combine functionnality and use each one for the best use of it

I tend to disagree. Of course some tools are better choice for particular tasks but generally there is one main automation tool which is in use.
Anyway if you prefer to learn all three you can check all boxes in your profile and enjoy !

Thank you very much. but there is situtation where it is better to use a tool than other.
for example for monitoring, it’s better that a distant server sends directly informations that there is a problem rather than waiting to contact the server and detect that there is a problem. it depends of the case. the administrator should know all the tools and then decide what to use depending of the case.