Deployment of web application

I want to deploy kodekloud e commerce web application through my windows terminal
I have ubuntu pre install
Please give me a broad roadmap for this process

I have windows 10 home eddition

@ashhadali2019 please reply this query

Hi @rohitsingh080800 ,
Which one the e-commerce application you want to install and on which platform (Ubuntu or windows) ??

Please provide us the link to the application you would like to deploy.


This one
Please elaborate the process as per the question asked above

@ashhadali2019 please respond to the query

Hi @rohitsingh080800,

You can use your Ubuntu instance to test the app. Just follow the README file instead of using sudo yum install you can use sudo apt-get install.


On starting the maria db server using
sudo systemctl start mariadb
Its showing fail to start in status command

I am trying in ubuntu 20.04 wsl version 2

Help me to troublshoot this

Hi @rohitsingh080800

Seam like your my.cnf has some issue specially on line 1.