Deploy Nagios on Kubernetes (Wrong Question)


There seems to be an error in the question . Please do fix this asap. Thanks

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For now to overcome this problem, you can use specify the type to be NodePort and it works fine that way.

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I login in the container and run
htpasswd -c /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users xFusionCorp
I made sure I typed the password correctly on prompt

Can you please tell me what could be wrong?!/task_review?task_id=5fa77113eff06ccd65bf9360

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If you go on docker hub and find there jasonrivers/nagios image - you can see that all configutation in /opt/nagios/etc folder. So, that’s it

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kubectl get pod
kubectl exec --stdin --tty nagios-deployment-844c78ccc5-6nb46 – /bin/bash
htpasswd -c /opt/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users xFusionCorp --> its working
curl -u xFusionCorp:LQfKeWWxWD localhost

Also test by select host port and open with node port, to test.

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how to validate this task?
below are the steps. I am trying. Please check and confirm.

pressing enter displays the same page.

you need to reset the passwd in the nagios configuration file

how to validate the task through curl?
curl -u xFusionCorp loaclhost
am I supposed to run this command inside the container or in jump server?

I get this page via select port on host1.

does that mean the task is completed successfully?

@swaroopcs88 From screenshots the answer seems correct. Did you try to submit the task?

You can test using curl by passing username and password like you are trying but since you are trying to test using localhost so make sure you run the curl from within the Nagios pod/container.

why did the task fail?
Please check and advise.


I reset the password, looks like I am not supposed to do the same :frowning:

were you able to login with passwd LQfKeWWxWD and user name xFusionCorp

I was not able to login with the password LQfKeWWxWD and user name xFusionCorp.
Hence, I reset it and I was able to login using the new password.
I submitted the task with a new password and it got failed. As mentioned by Inderpreet above I am not supposed to change the password.

@Inderpreet kindly give chance to perform the task again .

Deploy Nagios on Kubernetes . => i had a same problem