Deploy Lemp Stack on Kubernetes Cluster,

@Inderpreet @rahul456

The Nautilus DevOps team want to deploy a WordPress website on Kubernetes cluster. They are going to use Nginx, phpfpm and MySQL for the database. The team had already gathered the requirements and now they want to make this website live. Below you can find more details:

a. Create some secrets for MySQL.

  1. Create a secret named mysql-root-pass wih key/value pairs as below:

name: password and value: R00t

  1. Create a secret named mysql-user-pass with key/value pairs as below

name: username , value: kodekloud_tim and name: password , value: Rc5C9EyvbU

  1. Create a secret named mysql-db-url with key/value pairs as below:

name: database and value: kodekloud_db7

  1. Create a secret named mysql-host with key/value pairs as below:

name: host and value: mysql-service

b. We already have a database dump which is placed under /tmp/db.sql on jump_host . Once deployment is done, copy that dump into the MySQL container and import the same in newly created database kodekloud_db7 .

But there is no db.sql database dump on jump_host @ /tmp

@Inderpreet @rahul456 @Tej-Singh-Rana hi any update

hi @Sudhakara.Acharya, this should be fixed, can you please try now ?

@rahul456 @Inderpreet @Tej-Singh-Rana what is wrong in the task. attached screen shoot for reference.

@rahul456 @Inderpreet @Tej-Singh-Rana any update

@rahul456 please check @Tej-Singh-Rana

@Sudhakara.Acharya, thanks for reporting, we are working on this, please be patience.

I have the same issue, and have checked, everything is working as it should but I get the same errors as you do…
any progress on this issue? Can it be checked and maybe set as correct?

I am facing issue in this task. Even after doing it completely, it’s validation shows failure.

Any update on this issue?