Deploy LAMP Stack on Kubernetes Cluster -- Task

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Hello KK Team,

I am not sure why I failed this task. The database connection was established, and the website was working properly:

I can send you my config (yaml) files if you’d like.


@stevefozer, can you please DM your template file ? please attach file

@stevefozer, it seems like you have not imported correct database.

Thank you for the heads-up, @rahul456. It seems like I was 100% focused on the core portion of the task, and I just noticed after seeing your message that I completely missed out on importing the database.

Thank you for your time!


Hi , I am bit new to this , I am stuck at the same task for a few days now struggling with the import of the DB into the container,I have the volumes shared but somehow it gives me an error of directory not existing . Please help

@rahul456 @Inderpreet Please help

This task was reviewed however it failed again

without showing me any reason. I could see the website on the nodeport though

hi @akhila, sorry for the issue, this is marked success for you.

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Hi @rahul456,

I need to know what’s wrong here. I have failed this task twice with the same validation message “Something is wrong in ‘MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD’ or ‘MYSQL_DATABASE’ or ‘MYSQL_USER’ or ‘MYSQL_PASSWORD’ in secretKeyRef key value”


can you share deployment yaml file and screat yaml file