Deploy Jekyll App on Kubernetes Failed without submitting task

My task failed without submitting the task. I was working in the environment and it says environment timeout and ask to refresh which I did and boom it says tasks failed. I didnt submit the task and I should not be penalized for this issue, I have submitted it for review but I know I will loose 50% of my point which I dont want to lose. Can the Kodekloud engineer help me look at this issue please? I want the full point and I will like to do it again

@Inderpreet @Ayman @rahul456 please help me with this issue

hi @bodeplot, can you please share your KKE user details ?

Thanks @rahul456…I replied to the email notification with my login email, I dont know if you receive it, if you did not receive it, please let me know so I can give it to you here. Thanks

@bodeplot, please share KKE user name and email here

@bodeplot, this is marked pending for you, please give it an another try.

@rahul456… Thank you so much, I appreciate your efforts in getting this resolved. I will give it another try.