Deploy Iron Gallery App on Kubernetes

Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana @Inderpreet,
Please take a look for me.

I got validation error as

But from the instructions in the tasks that variable was to be database_host and not database_blog
:- Define environment, set MYSQL_DATABASE its value should be database_host, set MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_PASSWORD value should be with some complex passwords for DB connections, and MYSQL_USER value should be any custom user ( except root ).

The install page comes as expected.

@ASAAC, its not possible, whatever is visible in the error that must be from the description. There is one possibility that you might have reloaded the scenario and the value was changed but you copied the code which was designed as per the previous values.

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Hi @rahul456
Yes I did reload, did not take note of the changes. Thanks