Delete my two emails from database please

i’ve encountered an issue when after loginning with github i get logged out and after that i just can’t login to my profile with github, please delete two my emails from database so that i can create a new profile with password authentication, cause github authorization is completely broken at my computer, you can send message to those two if you need my approval for deleting them, thank you in advance, deleting needed only for it seems to me that you have different databases for users in engineer and courses domains

Hi @asyl13,
Please send your request to [email protected] and remove the mentioned email addresses from your post.

We don’t encourage you to share email addresses publicly.

Thanks & Regards,

You need to make your GitHub profile email address public.

You don’t need to create a new account again. As a workaround, go for the “forgot password” option from the main account and set the new password. After that, you can log in with the email address + new password.


it is public

Already tried it, it’s not working, here’s the screenshot

i think i’ll use the option to delete my emails and start it from the beginning but this time without github authentication

Can you please do this? @asyl13


Hi @asyl13,
I tried it with your attached SS email address and it worked for me. In the attached SS, I saw letter “A” and as per our record, I used small letter “a” and it worked.
Please check your inbox.


made it, waiting for response

changed my password, but this makes no sense cause when i was creating profile i was typing email with an uppercase “A” letter

Thanks for your confirmation. I will report this to the KKE team.

Are you able to login with your registered email address + new password?

yeah i’m in, thank you

Which account I have to delete now? Please send it to the [email protected]