Delay in LATAM users

Hello everyone of KodeKloud, it’s a pleasure to be here learning with you. I’m a big fan of the KodeKloud teaching method.

I’m opening this topic just to leave a feedback that we Latin American users face in the laboratories/activities that use the terminal. It’s not a problem that make the activities impossible, but the small delay hinders the agility a little. It would be great to be able to run everything more smoothly and I would like to know if KodeKloud has plans to expand servers in Brazil/Latin America for a better experience.

Thank you all!

Hi @Bittenco,
Cc : @Prabhjyot_KodeKloud
Thank you for your support and it’s a pleasure to count you among our students. We notice your feedback and he’ll be forward to relevant people.

Thank you very much

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