Creating a service connection

When i tried to connect azure portal to azure devops portal with service connection, i am getting an error.
Is there any limited access regarding this.

Hi @ahens000,

Can you share the error message here or capture the screenshot, it would help us support better.


As you can see in the image when i tried ti enter inputs its saying verification failed.

Also in second image getting an message - Some actions may be disabled due to your permissions. To request access, contact the application owner(s) or your administrator

I tried to create new app registration to get new service principle id and key because last time i cannot copy the secret key but it still gives me an - TF400813: The user ‘5f7364d7-7b6c-6be7-9dfd-f8fa090e639d’ is not authorized to access this resource. while create a service connection.

My goal is to connect azure portal to azure devops for building an infrastructure with terraform and azure pipelines.

@trung-kodekloud , could you check on this. It would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

@trung-kodekloud, any update on above issue ?

@trung-kodekloud, Its been few days i have asked the question.
Please provide the forward path.


Sorry for the delay, you mind provide the step by step to reproduce your issue?
When i tried to connect azure portal to azure devops portal with service connection, i am getting an error.
I am unable to follow above images to reproduce the issues.


  1. On azure portal, I have created my own own service principal with app registration.
    Azure AD => App registration => new registration => (Created)

2)After that i created secret.
Azure AD => App registration => Service-principal => Certificates & Secrets => new client secret (created secret)

  1. On devops portal, created organization and test project.

  2. project setting => service connection => create service connection => Azure resource manager => Service principal (manual) => Enter all the details

Why it is saying verification failed, please tell me if my steps are wrong.
And provide correct steps to connect azure portal to azure devops.

Thanks for the quick and detail respond, I believe your steps are fine, just not sure these services are supported in Azure Playground, let me check with team and confirm!

Hello @trung-kodekloud, any update on this issue ?

Hello @ahens000,

Please check the list of supported services (Azure Playground) here: Azure Sandbox Playground | KodeKloud

The services you’re trying to use are not listed as supported services, please request them here: Request a Playground - KodeKloud
And the team will consider bringing this on.

Sorry for any inconvenient,