Create a User failed


For some security reasons xFusionCorp Industries security team has decided to use custom Apache users for each web application hosted there rather than its default user. Since this is going to be the Apache user so it shouldn’t use the default home directory. Create the user as per requirements given below:

a. Create a user named kirsty on the App server 3 in Stratos Datacenter.

b. Set UID to 1948 and its home directory to /var/www/Kirsty

Team, please let me know why it is failed. I have set home directory properly

[[email protected] ~]# useradd kirsty -d /var/www/kristy -u 1948
[[email protected] ~]# id kirsty
uid=1948(kirsty) gid=1948(kirsty) groups=1948(kirsty)
[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/passwd | grep kirsty

kindly ignore…I have mentioned wrong home directory,instead of /var/www/kirsty gave as /var/www/kristy

Solution: Linux Create a User KodeKloud