CoreDNS does not work - pod to pod communication

I have installed the latest version kubernetes 1.18 using kubeadm which automatically installs coredns for DNS.
I am using flannel as network plugin.
The cluster starts successfully, but when i install the dnsutils pod to check dns as suggested in and execute command
kubectl exec -ti dnsutils – nslookup kubernetes.default
i get error as

nslookup: can't resolve 'kubernetes'
command terminated with exit code 1

Please suggest on how this issue can be resolved.

Thank you,

Hello harish,

Can you check if the pod is running, Can you give the output of

kubectl get pods dnsutils and also share the logs of the dnsutils pod ?

Additionally, if flannel plugin is deployed successfully, can you check there pods too in the kube-system namepspace?


Hello HarishSR,
may be using the busybox image in latest version is the issue. Try to use busybox:1.28 image and it will work well for you. please check the following we hope to help you: