Configure protected directories in Apache Task - Marked Failed

Hi Team,

I recently got a task to setup password authentication for /var/www/html/devops directory for user ravi in apache server running on stapp03. Though to my knowledge I completed the task as per requirements, it is marked failed.

Below are screenshots I took from the lab environment post completion of the task that show the end result I was able to obtain.

  1. Able to access / directory in apache without password and /devops directory throws unauthorized error without correct username and password.

  1. Able to access the /devops directory with setup username and password for ravi as requested in the task.

Kindly go through and let me know what could be the cause of this. If there is anything you can point to, it will be of great help.

Vinoth Kumar K

@vijin.palazhi & @mmumshad Kindly check this issue. Thank you.

Hi Vinoth, was this set up for app server 1 (stapp01) as well?

No Vijin. It was done only for app server 3.

@Inderpreet Hi Inderpreet could you check this?

right sorry I though it said app01 , i see in your screenshot it is app03

@vijin.palazhi & @Inderpreet Thank you for looking into it. Kindly let me know the feedback.

@Inderpreet & @vijin.palazhi Is there any update on this query?

@Inderpreet, @vijin.palazhi & @mmumshad Please let me know the status of this request.

@mmumshad, @vijin.palazhi & @Inderpreet Can someone please look at this?

@vijin.palazhi & @Inderpreet Noticed that kodekloud team is busy with a lot of items in hand at the moment. Would appreciate if some time could be spared to look at my issue. Thanks a lot.

@vinothkaruppusamy sorry for delayed response, the overall task seems correct however from the screenshot after seeing your curl response I think you might have missed point 3. of the question which was to copy a custom index.html file to the protected directory.

There is a file /tmp/index.html placed on Jump Server. Copy the same to new directory you created, please make sure default document root should remain /var/www/html.