Configure jump host to connect to remote hosts

Hi All

I am trying to configure a Linux jump server to connect to Linux and Windows remote servers. Can someone guide me how this can be done? Any articles you have used to achieve this as i could not find anything useful.

Hi @jesty.sam5

The jump host can connect to remote servers using SSH. Below is the syntax to connect to a remote server;

ssh username@remote-server-ip-address

Please go through the wiki to get the credentials Nautilus

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hello salim,
How do i know the exactly remote server to connect to

Hi @Gbemiga-Lawal,

On each task wre provide you the server where you need to do the task and you can use the folllowing link to have login information

There are lists of server provide but they didn’t specify the particular one to ssh into or better still how do i know the particular server to connect into . e,g a. Create a group named nautilus_developers in all App servers in Stratos Datacenter . which server will i ssh into because i have tried 2 servers and it keep telling me am wrong

Hello, i made a script that help me to easily connect to all provided servers from Nautilus documentation