Completed Task now marked as Expired

Good day
Yesterday I completed two new tasks successfully, and today only one of them is marked as Complete. The other is marked as Expired.
Could you kindly review?
I now have two tasks to complete, and I’ll attempt both. Wondering if the same will happen

tha same happened with me!

I completed the two new tasks I received today (string substitute, and Git Repo Update) - let’s see what happens when I get assigned a new task, or by the end of today when Git Repo task should have expired.

The ‘Ansible Basic Playbook’ task was successfully completed yesterday.

I experienced the same issue also i did my task successfully yesterday and I found out today it was marked expired.

The same issue happened to me. Please can you have a look to the problem ?

Same for me as well

selinux installation task was successful. I got the 200 points + 100 Bonus. The total was experience was 3410

But now it shows expired. Also the 300 points that I got was also reduced. Now the experience is only 3110

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 @Ayman
samething happened to me as well. and no one is replying the comments and messages.

I had the same problem too. Yesterday my task status is success and today expired.

Hi @Inderpreet, @Ayman , @kodekloud-support3 ,

Due to the issues with bug assignment , i had to repeat my task Create a group and now today it shows as Expired . Can you please fix the issue . Thanks

I had the same issue as well

Same. Success task marked as expired.

i have the same problem.
My task : “Web Server Security”
Infact i completed the task successfully, both the times , i was given base points and bonus but final status today show the task is expired.


Sorry about this. There seems to be a bug. We are working on fixing this now.


same issue happened to me

Hello @mmumshad
I have the same issue, “completed task” marked as Expired:

Could you check, please?

Hello @mmumshad
Same issue here, already completed the task but the day after marked as expired.
Could you please check?

The same here @mmumshad, My previous completed task changed status to expired and therefore lost 300 (200 + 100 bonus) points.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad - as this is known issue. posting it for your reference as I have experienced same.
Configure local repos appears as expired now.

mine also and the one i just did does not show any progress

mine also , i have completed the task on 7-jun Linux Nginx as Reverse Proxy tasks and it is showing as expired .