Completed task changed to expired after even finishing task successfully multiple times

Hello @Inderpreet @Ayman @mmumshad

I successfully completed the task “Configure Local Yum repos” 3 times it showed as completed and got the 150% bonus points. First attempt i gave it on june 5th solved the task and received bonus pts as 150 as well, but when checking on june 6th it showed task in pending status and then again i attempted task and solved the task and received 150 bonus pts. Then yesterday june 7th when i opened to see any new task assigned but still the same task was shown as task pending then again i solved the task and received same bonus pts as 150.

Even after doing these many attempts without failing and finishing task successfully in time. This morning the task is showing up as expired and the points (task and bonus) have been deduced from my points total. Here are the screenshots.



Could you please look into this ?