Cloud Course for Managers

Hi All,

I want to know as a practicing People Manager and Product Evangelist in legacy systems - what cloud courses should I take?

Is there a suggested sequence or path for cloud for Management Professionals?

Note - I am not a technical SME. Appreciate your answers !

Hello @vrsrag,

You can take any fundamental certifications course of the popular public cloud providers like azure, aws, gc.
Azure: Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - Certifications | Microsoft Learn
AWS: Chứng nhận AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | AWS Certification | AWS
GC: Cloud Digital Leader  |  Google Cloud

All the above courses don’t require any prior technical knowledge and are suitable for business guys.
They will give you an overview of what cloud computing is, its benefits, and what cloud can serve your product, and systems…

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Thanks Much - Have started with AWS basics from KodeKloud. Will follow the directions.

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Thank @vrsrag, sound like a great plan, keep rocking!

Happy learning,