Cloning Repository: Q-5

Can anyone please help me with this, I am new to git. I didn’t understand what should i do here.
please help

Hi @Afshan,
You are not in the git directory. Please make use of the ls command, it will list all the current directories/files.
The git directory name is story-blog.

ls -l 

cd story-blog


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Hello @Tej-Singh-Rana

Please kindly check the screen shot of this github page.

We may need to correct the cd /home/max to cd /home/story/story-blog/ since cd /home/max will lead us to the home directory of the user max, not the git directory (story-blog). Please also check the hint provided in the related lab (INITIALIZE REMOTE REPOSITORIES, LAB: CLONING REMOTE REPOSITORIES) . If there is something wrong with my understanding, please let me know.