Cloning Remote Repos

Let us now try to commit the changes. Try to commit the changes with the message Added fox-and-grapes story . And you might get an error that says Please tell me who you are

This is because Max has cloned the repository, but Git doesn’t know who Max is. Max needs to tell Git his username and email address. For this use the command git config "[email protected]" and git config "max"

The issue is that i’m running the “git add” & " git commit" commands from max(master)$ and it gives the error:
fatal: unable to create /home/sarah/story-blog/.git/index.lock: Permission denied

Hi @tusharm78,

Try the following command:
sudo chown -R <owner>:<group> .git
In your case, I can see that the username is sarah so It would be
sudo chown -R sarah:sarah .git

Hi ,

At the same question, When I am trying to follow instructions and do below command,

git add fox-and-grapes.txt
I get a fatal error as below :
fatal : Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Unable to proceed due to this.

Hello, @rohit.wiz
Make sure you’re in the correct directory.
Can you please check the path with pwd command?


Good day

I need \the solution to the got clone lab
in the beginners course

Unable to proceed due to this

Please help asap.

Hi @mayureshkrishna ,
You are not in the git directory.

Type ls (to list the directories and files) and find the cloned directory then make use of the cd command to moved to that directory.


cd story-blog

then  do 
git log 


Got it, thanks for your help!

Welcome!! @mayureshkrishna ,
Please try to read the error closely. I would say it will improve your troubleshooting skills. :+1: :innocent:

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