CKS Mock Exam 1 - Cannot stop the timer at then end of the exam from closing it automatically

I am a new KodeKloud subscriber (but I have your CKAD and CKA courses in Udemy). currently I am trying to learn from your solutions in Mock Exam 1 when the exam is completed. Is there a way to stop the timer so that I can grok the solutions? The exam automatically closes after the timer expires. This doesn’t happen in Udemy courses.

Hi @bcruparel,

You can’t pause the timer as we’re trying to mimic the real exam environment. I suggest not focusing on time at the first few tries. Try to solve the question by yourself and if you’re unable, then check the solutions for hints/answers. You may only be able to solve 1/3 or 1/2 of questions but after practice and repeating a few times, your speed and accuracy will improve.
If you practice enough, you will be able to solve the mock in < 30".

And don’t forget to join the slack channel and raise any question you may have.

Happy learning,

OK. Where is the slack channel?

Hi @bcruparel
The slack link would be present under “Join Community” section of the course