CKS - ISTIO - mtls

In which section of the CKS course, the demo of “Implement pod to pod encryption by use of mTLS” is added. Please let me know

Can anyone please respond

Hello, @Madhusudhan-G-Revank
Unfortunately we don’t have demo video for this.

ok thanks. I have a few doubts regarding this.

we have to use only self-signed CA certs or we can use external certs from Godaddy providers also. Currently, I am getting some errors related to openssl SSL certs verification , below are some of the error details from the istio proxy

[2022-02-10T22:47:52.575Z] “POST /TestServer/test HTTP/1.1” 503 UF,URX upstream_reset_before_response_started{connection_failure,TLS_error:_268435581:SSL_routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED} - “TLS error: 268435581:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED” 880 195 70 - “-” “Java/1.8.0_302” “833c635b-efed-91bb-9819-6618ee6b078a” “staging-eks-test-adminserver:8080” “” outbound|8080||staging-eks-appzillon-adminserver.test-develop-java11.svc.cluster.local - - default

Am I missing anything, please let us know.