CKS Challenger 4

After updating the kube-apiserver.yaml file as per the task. I am getting following error “The connection to the server controlplane:6443 was refused - did you specify the right host or port?”.
Steps taken to resolve the above issues-

  1. Restart kubelet server.
  2. Restart kube-apiserver container using docker command

Hi @gags23deep ,
Did you issue fixed ??

Nope, this issue is still there. Whenever I am trying to edit the kube-apiserver.yaml it is giving the above problem.

Hi @gags23deep

So the kubelet can’t talk to the apiserver after you made a change to apiserver, right?

If you get a connection error like that, it means you have made a mistake somewhere and the API server is not starting.

You should know how to troubleshoot a crashed API server. It is not impossible the exam could give you a broken cluster to fix, or even if you break it yourself like here.

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