CKAD Practice Exams do not load

If you go to the “Mock Exam - 1” in the CKAD course, it shows the normal dialogue, i.e. the “Start Scenario” button, but clicking on that button doesn’t do anything. The particular lecture/exercise I’m referring to is linked below. Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you paste a screenshot? Is this only with the mock exam or with other labs as well?

It’s happening on all of the practice exams in the “Mock Exams” section.

clicking the “Start Scenario” button doesn’t do anything for any of the labs in that section. After checking on some other labs, it doesn’t seem like any of them are responding.

It appears to work OK in Google Chrome, but not Firefox. Both are up to date on this system.

Actually, it’s working in firefox now as well. I think my browser might just be acting up. Sorry for the false alarm.

Sorry, there was an issue with the labs. It should be fixed now.