CKA scheduled after 10 days - Windows Enterprise laptop

Hi All

I have CKA exam in 10 days (30th October).
I am planning to give this on my corporate laptop which has the following OS:
“Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise”

In system requirements link (, it is mentioned that this is not supported platform but the exam system checks are getting passed.

Can you respond to the following queries:

  1. Any problems using corporate laptop ?
  2. Query on Windows 10 Enterprise. Can it be used to give the exam ?
  3. If not, can I spin up a cloud instance on the same laptop which has Windows 10 Pro, etc. ?

Hi @Saurabh,

  1. Recommended to use personal laptop, the org laptop has some process/application that can’t be shut down during the exam (which required ONLY PSI secure browser running, other apps/processes need to be closed).
  2. No, you can’t use windows 10 Enterprise to seat for the CKA exam.
  3. Virtual machines are also not allowed, PSI Secure Browser detects it and will not be able to start.

Do check the KK community FAQ here: GitHub - kodekloudhub/community-faq

Happy learning,