CKA prep course, ligthning lab 1 q2 - tiny detail with containers[*] or containers[ ]

here my code for CONTAINER_IMAGE field has * in ‘containers’ - the result would be same. screenshot attached.

but only the code without star is shown as official answer:

kubectl -n admin2406 get deployments.apps -o,CONTAINER_IMAGE:.spec.template.spec.containers[].image,READY_REPLICAS:.status.readyReplicas,NAMESPACE:.metadata.namespace

however my code gives same output:

i suggest when evaluating the answer for q2 - it should accept the code with star - “containers[*]” not only “containers[ ]”

Hello Erjan-G,

We 're validate the content under /opt/admin2406_data file. So, you can use [] or [*].

this was quick, thank u for small screen record!