CKA Labs not loading today

Practice Test Labels and Selectors – Kode Kloud

Hi team, the labs are not loading today (an example link above). The provisioning goes ahead successfully but it never ends up loading the lab. It ultimately times out:

Uh oh! Something went wrong.

Sorry! This lab took too long to get ready. Let’s try again and this time there are better chances of getting a lab quicker.

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Actually, any lab is not working at the moment I believe.
I can’t do my daily task for the same reason and it will expire soon.

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@jetchko.jekov , @mton036 , Sorry we ran into a lab outage briefly earlier today. It was resolved within 15 minutes. Please try again. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

@tgp That took way more than 15 minutes, more than hour in my estimation :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for the update

Happening with me today, very flaky

Looks like they are down for maintenance at this time

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