CKA Exam - Question about question output to text


In CKA exam - if the question is asking to report on number of nodes in ready state - ignoring the nodes that are tainted ( including master node ) and output the result to .txt file.

In my case - there were 2 worker nodes

What should we type in the .txt file.

  1. 2
  2. TWO
  3. the actual output of kubectl describe nodes | grep Taint

Which of these are correct ?


We should be type as below:

  1. 2

Hi @Mahesh-Raju ,
If they ask to write node names, then write node names like worker1, worker2
By command: -

echo "worker1, worker2" > file.txt

If they ask to write the node count, then write the count to a file like 2
By command: -

echo "2" > file.txt

AFAIK, all the instructions will be given in the question, so take a deep breath and read carefully.

Best Regards,

@Tej-Singh-Rana @pankygr8 - Thanks.

I miss this question badly, updated node names intead of “2”