CKA/CKAD on 1.18

Hi @mmumshad

Now CKA and CKAD are on 1.18 , what all changed .Can you pease update

Also can you upgrade the lab environment

Hi satyam,
We are continuously making updates to the course, additional articles, upgrading the labs, and adding or removing lectures if necessary. In the certification tips for imperative method, we have removed the use of --generator for pods and deployments. The difference between the version in terms of the certification is minor. –generator flag is deprecated and –dry-run should be --dry-run=(server|client)

In addition to @Ayman…“run” command can be used to create pods only.
$kubectl run nginx --image=nginx
this would create a pod.

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And for a deployment?
Kubectl create deploy …?

Yes, for deployment you can use kubectl create.