CKA/CKAD labs are failing constantly

Hi community,

My CKA/CKAD labs are failing constantly with network problems. My networking connection is fine. Debug info of the cluster is attached.


Issue was gone for 2 days and now its same.:
We are sorry but we encountered a problem with the connection.
Please refresh and try again.
Fri Apr 03 2020 14:15:11 GMT+0200 (Central European SummerTime)
transport close

Cluster info:

Debug Information

Content Version: 22c02188eb8d97829cddca7cff67534eed5d0cd2

Last Updated: 2020-04-01T15:25:54.962Z

Connected - Katacoda Host: kitek06f

host0 IP:
host1 IP:
host2 IP:
host3 IP:
client4 IP:
client5 IP:

Hello rijndael,
We are sorry to hear that. if the issue still exist please let us know and please mention the number of lab you face this issue.