CKA Certification Guidance pls

Hi @mmumshad and team,

I’ had taken kodekloud 1 yr subscription and practicing CKA mock tests… is it good enough to clear the CKA or pls suggest other than mock tests any other docs and ref practice tests need to read/practice…?

CKA certification is really important to me to save my current job

kindly pls help

the CKA course is enough for the certification. make sure that you’ve tried all labs and this will be sufficient. Also, you can use bookmarks in the exam to save your time. you can use their Chrome or Chromium browser to open one additional tab in order to access assets at:, Kubernetes · GitHub, Kubernetes Blog | Kubernetes and their subdomains. This includes all available language translations of these pages (e.g.

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Mumshad course is enough to cover everything in exam syllabus. Do it thoroughly, along with exam voucher you will get the simulator access , very important not to miss on this as it gives you exam like ambience to prepare and bolsters your knowledge .

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Thanks for the insights team

Thanks, @rajuinbang48

seems questions are a bit indeapth by any chance can get answers/videos like mock tests of killer qa? pls help to share