<#CHMV3P9NV|certified-kub-admin> In the exam for CKA, creating alias are recomme . . .

Jimmy Malhan:
<#CHMV3P9NV|certified-kub-admin> In the exam for CKA, creating alias are recommended? I just hate typing the whole command over and over, if it’s possible.

Sathish Puranika K:
Yes creating alias are very much recommended. It is very useful and save lot of time. Keep seperate aliases for repeating commands like dry-run, get pods, get all, describe, and specify the name space as well.

Ravi Shanker:
Yes you can create if you remember all aliases you want to put. Opening of notes is not allowed. killer.sh recommends creating aliases but it’s a personal choice.

Gurudutt Dongre:
I recently gave the exam and all that I had was
alias k=kubectl
export dry= ‘–dry-run=client -o yaml’
and then the autocomplete setup which was available in kubernetes documentation. I found this to be sufficient.

Aditya Pratap Bhuyan:

It is very much recommended to save time. Below is my list.

Aditya Pratap Bhuyan:

alias k=kubectl
alias kgp="kubectl get pod"
alias kgd="kubectl get deploy"
alias kgs="kubectl get service"
alias kgn="kubectl get node"
alias kdp="kubectl describe pod"
alias kdd="kubectl describe deploy"
alias kds="kubectl describe service"
alias kdn="kubectl describe node"
alias kr="kubectl run "
alias kc="kubectl create "
alias kd="kubectl describe "
alias ka="kubectl apply -f "
export do="--dry-run=client -o yaml"
export ks=kube-system