Checking answer --> user with non-interactive shell


Fairly new here, and quite new to this in general. I was given the task to create a user siva, on app01, with a ‘non-interactive’ shell. This answer was incorrect, based on my reading from

My answer is potentially valid, but if not would anyone be able to explain why? :slight_smile:
This did fail, but I am more concerned with understanding the difference in solution when compared to invoking the same commands instead with /sbin/nologin

Try this in linux terminal
ls /bin/false

ls /usr/sbin/nologin

ls /usr/sbin/false

Taking a look, looks like I blindly entered the wrong path during the exercise.

Thank you :smile:


For those wondering this is the result,

~$ ls /usr/sbin/nologin
~$ ls /bin/false
~$ ls /usr/sbin/false
ls: cannot access '/usr/sbin/false': No such file or directory
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