Change any resource on Private AKS cluster

I have created a private AKS cluster in Azure, and I am using the cloud shell to connect to the resources in AKS.

While connecting to the AKS, I see that we should use the commands to connect

az aks command invoke -g <resource_group> -n <aks_name> -c “Kubectl commands”

Now regular commands are working fine in this case, but how to edit any resource or get inside the created pod?

If it is not a private cluster, then kubectl edit commands or kubectl exec -it commands works seamlessly. But it seems not the case for private cluster.

Below are the errors while testing with private AKS cluster

unable to open vi editor
Unable to use a TTY - input is not a terminal or the right kind of file

Any pointers, how to connect and execute?

Hello @nirmalraj17, please refer to this official guide from Microsoft for AKS cluster connecting.

I used below steps to connect to AKS cluster from CLOUD SHELL:

[email protected]:~$ az account set --subscription {subscription_id}
[email protected]:~$ az aks get-credentials --resource-group {resource-group-name} --name {cluster-name}

Then you can run kubectl command like below
[email protected]:~$ kubectl get pod -n kube-system
azure-ip-masq-agent-fd9jq 1/1 Running 0 2m44s
azure-ip-masq-agent-rmwdk 1/1 Running 0 2m56s
cloud-node-manager-7p5np 1/1 Running 0 2m44s
You can use vim to work with yaml file.
[email protected]:~$ kubectl run nginx --image=nginx:alpine
pod/nginx created

[email protected]:~$ kubectl get po nginx -o yaml > nginx.yaml
[email protected]:~$ vi nginx.yaml

in VIM editor
press I to enter insert mode
press esc to exit insert mode
press :wq to save changes.

Happy learning,

Hello @trung-kodekloud , I understand that these commands will work only if you create a public AKS cluster. When you have a private cluster you cannot execute kubectl command directly to edit any resources or get inside container, this is what i observed. What I did to mitigate is to deploy a VM on the same vNet as the private AKS and then access the commands directly as kubectl.

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Hello @nirmalraj17

Can you let me know how you set up your AKS cluster?
Does your case fall to this case: Create a private Azure Kubernetes Service cluster - Azure Kubernetes Service | Microsoft Learn?
And yes, deploying an additional VM in the same VNET with this private AKS cluster is the simplest way, there are also some options as below:

Happy learning,