Chained Build Jenkins

Hi Team,

I dont know why it is got failed

Please check and let me know
review KodeKloud - Engineer

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thanx for shating finished success

@Ayman can you tell me what is the error here

hi @sreekanth, seems like your task is in pending state.

Hi @rahul456

I accepted the review and trying again
Still dont know why it got failed If you could tell me the error with above screen shots will be greatfull.


@sreekanth Its not really clear from the screenshots you shared, but there is a possibility that the time when you submitted your task Apache service was not really in running state i.e it was still coming up on the app servers.

The screenshot of the manage-services job console isn’t showing the complete output of the job and there might be a possibility the service was restarted but wasn’t in running state yet, but the status command was supposed to pass in any case, hence the job. If your task is again in pending state, you can retry and record a video of your solution which you can send as a direct message in case it fails again.

Hi Inderpreet,

Thankfully I am able to complete the task successfully.
Since i am new to jenkins i was playing around with it. In my case webhook was not working properly.Triggering is not happening.downstream job was happening automatically

Thanks for your suggestions

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