<#CDR4R9Z7E|ckad-certified-kub-app-dev> - Passed Yesterday Gents - Its a very ch . . .

DevonPatrick Adkins:
<#CDR4R9Z7E|ckad-certified-kub-app-dev> - Passed Yesterday Gents - Its a very challenging exam in my experience. I have worked with EKS Clusters now for the past few months and have my CKA - Please dont take the CKAD Lightly and all the best to those writing - Only exam remains - The CKS!! Here I come :slightly_smiling_face:

Alok Mishra:
Congratulations @DevonPatrick Adkins :kubernetes_party:

DevonPatrick Adkins:
Thanks bro

Sam Leibowitz:

DevonPatrick Adkins:
Thanks Sam!

Osemenkhian Godstime:
congratulations @DevonPatrick Adkins

DevonPatrick Adkins:
Thanks so much!

Tej Singh Rana:
Congratulations, @DevonPatrick Adkins :hugging_face: