Can't surpass bash prompt question


Update Bob’s prompt so that it displays the date as per the format below:

Example: [Wed Apr 22]bob@caleston-lp10:~$
Make sure the change is made persistent.

So, when I was still in /bin/sh, I added this export PS1="[\d]\u@\h:~$ " to my ~/.profile, however, the prompt was taking it literally, e.g. it was printing the exact characters in the string instead of the date format, user, and hostname, etc. I searched this up and many said it was because I was using the wrong shell. So, I changed to /bin/bash, and added it to my bash profile, and it worked. however, the question is still wrong. I tried searching up for “shell” prompt variables but nothing comes up. I don’t know if this is a bug.

This works for me. Do you have a link to the lab?