Can't setup kubernetes lab environment


I bought your courses kubernetes for beginners CKA and CKD from udemy, but I’m still stuck at the part where I need to create the environment I’m using ESXI 6.7 to create the VMS but I’m supposed to setup the IPs where I need to assign two interfaces one for the node network and the other for the internet. I tried to setup the config files using if-updown config files and cloud-init but non fully worked.

In using Ubuntu 16, 18.0.4, tried Ubuntu 19 and centos 7 as well and followed the exact tutorial.

I need your help please this is a very a serious matter and it’s been blocking me for weeks.
please note that I opened a question on ask ubuntu community but in vain
the problem is in the below videos

Demo - Kubeadm - Part 1 - Setup

Virtual Machines and Pre-Requisites

  1. Demo - Kubeadm - Part 2 - Configure

Cluster with kubeadm

Your help is highly appreciated.

my email is
[email protected]

how can I join the slack group?


Nour al Shamaa

hello @noursh,

I have invited you over slack, please feel free to discuss there.


Thanks a lot @rahulsoni I know it might be a bit irrelevant to ask such a question here so I apologise for any inconvenience the question is that is the dev-ops prerequisite course available to be purchased on Udemy because the current one on udemy is outdated?