Can't access my account

Hi Team!
I have a trouble with accessing my account. When I signed up for the first time I missed a few tasks. So that later I decided re-sign up with the same e-mail in order to start from the beggining. A few days ago I reinstalled my browser due some problems and lost my cookies. When I tried to log in in Kodekloud then it said that password was wrong. When I regained access to the account through the e-mail I logged in to the old account that I considered deleted. There are 19 incompleted tasks and no progress at all.

But my actual progress can be viewed on the leaderboard and there are 19 completed tasks with the same e-mail. Something went wrong.

Please help me to gain access to my actual account!
@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3
Note: my account was registered myteachable but can’t sign in with it now.