Can't able connect Mobaxterm

Hi team,
I am try to connect Mobaxterm with enp0s3 IP, but I can’t able to connect its display as " Network connection Timeout ". Kindly please tell me what is solution for these?

Are you trying to connect to KKE lab servers from your host via Mobaxterm?
It is impossible (well, without some workaround) because lab server ip from private range and not accessible from outside world.
For making lab, you must use cli from browser.

Make sure the openssh-server is installed in machine, if not, you need to setup that first. If you are on debian distro, follow below url. Follow steps 1,2,7,8 – worry about other steps if you are changing the port from default(22) to any other port.

Setting Up and Securing SSH on Ubuntu 22.04: A Comprehensive Guide - Documentation Vault - ServerAstra

If you use RHEL based (say Centos), the the package used will be different (instead of apt-get u need to use Yum)

sudo yum install -y openssh-server

Once all this is done, make sure the linux OS is in running state. and use ssh session to connect