Cannot connect to any server

I’m working on my second task on kode kloud engineer but I cannot seem to connect via ssh to any server. My task is expiring today.

Hello, @jasonrgd
Can you please share your task details?

Linux String Substitute
The backup server in the Stratos DC contains several template XML files used by the Nautilus application. However, these template XML files must be populated with valid data before they can be used. One of the daily tasks of a system admin working in the xFusionCorp industries is to apply string and file manipulation commands!

Replace all occurances of the string Sample to Maritime on the XML file /root/nautilus.xml located in the backup server.


You have to SSH to only backup server.

ssh [email protected]

Thanks finished that task @Tej-Singh-Rana . I should have used the ipadress and tried. Tried only with the dns name. When I tried [email protected]. It didn’t work in this task but with the first task it was working.

Good to hear that you completed the task.