Can someone explain to me why i can't use rd.break for root password in rhel 9?

motasem aljaafreh:
can someone explain to me why i can’t use rd.break for root password in rhel 9 ?

Al West:
It should work - what procedure are you following? What happens when you try it?

Al West:
You are right it does not work, nor does using single - though their documentation says it should:|[…]word-from-the-command-line_configuring-basic-system-settings

Al West:
@motasem aljaafreh this guide works:
Basically add rw init=/bin/bash instead

motasem aljaafreh:
@Al West i found it thank u bro

Aaron Lockhart:
@motasem aljaafreh: This is a known issue tracked by Red Hat:

The following will work on RHEL 9:

1: Press e to edit the GRUB boot options.

2: In the linux line, change ro to rw (this is just before crashkernel)

3: Press ctrl + e to go to the end of the linux line and add /init=/bin/bash

4: Press ctrl + x to boot

5: Run passwd to change the root password.

6: Run touch /.autorelabel

7: Run exec /sbin/init

I will produce an updated video and slide to account for this issue introduced in dracut for RHEL 9 (it no longer uses sulogin).