Bugs in KodeKloud Engineering UI Navigations & Redirections

After Using the platform for sometime i have observed few glitches that touched me & would like to post the same in community.

  1. After completing the task | 15 Secs waiting period and then page rediretcs to Feedback | Thank You!
    https://kodekloud-engineer.com /#!/scenario
  2. After submitting the feedback page it is not auto redirecting to the tasks Page but instead
    stays at the thank you screen.
  3. Manually need to regresh the page to reach https://kodekloud-engineer.com /#!/tasks (Tasks Page)
  4. After landing in homepage and then clicking go to do next available tasks it asks for confirmation regarding nagivating away.
  5. If i confirm yes and agree to navigate away it is again taking me back to tasks page.

Everytime i need to go through this process to attend a new task.

Anyone Facing ?

Hi @kiranjk100, thanks for the feedback. Iā€™m going to forward it to our team.

Vitor Jr.
KodeKloud Support

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