Browser into my Docker Host

Hi everyone,

i am using oracle virtual box onto my local machine which is showing a default host running

During my learning path i see mumshad is launching a browser onto host to call web application installed on containers, i am able to see command prompt inside virtual box interface for my default host but no GUI.

Question is - How can i access the browser into my default host running inside virtual box.

@tandonkunal If you run a Linux OS (ubuntu or centos or something else) together with the GUI, yes you can run a web browser inside the host and you can access a container with its internal IP address in the range But in your case, I think you run the OS without GUI. So that is why you see only a command prompt (terminal). So if you enter ifconfig or ip a command on the terminal on your host you may see somewhere an IP address with the same range as of your physical PC where the virtual box is installed. So on your physical machine start a browser and surf with this IP address. But don’t forget to map your container port to that of the host port using -p flag during you run the command to create the container.