Big thanks to the Kode Kloud team today I passed the rhcsa exam. Definitely one . . .

Bruno Domingues:
Big thanks to the Kode Kloud team today I passed the rhcsa exam. Definitely one of the harder exams I’ve done :+1:

Lateef Taiwo:

Valentine Masina:
@Bruno Domingues congratulations. Do you use Redhat on a day to day basis? I want to just have a feeling of what a person who only uses Centos like me should prepare

Wai Yan Pyae Sone:
Just Wooow @Bruno Domingues. First LFCS and now RHCSA Congratulations :tada:.I think you are the first one ever on kodekloud who have done both LFCS and RHCSA after taking LFCS preparation course and RHCSA. Did you have a chance to practice RHCSA mock exams? How did you prepare for RHCSA? If you dont mind please share your tips.

Aaron Lockhart:
Congratulations, @Bruno Domingues!

Niaz-Ul Haque:
congrats @Bruno Domingues please share your experience of learning and prep for the exam. thanks !!

Bruno Domingues:
@Valentine Masina no I don’t use red hat daily I’ve been practicing with 4 command line rhel VMs for about a year. I used to use centos 7/8 before it was deprecated, then rocky linux and then I just moved to rhel since you can use it for personal use anyway.

@Wai Yan Pyae Sone - I haven’t done the mock exams because hey weren’t available at the time before I did the exam.

Basically I setup 4 rhel vms and practiced each objective till I was comfortable and took lots of notes. I read the Linux bible, sander van vguts Rhcsa guide the red hat documentation and tecmint for information. Reading is not enough to pass you must practice everything on a real device otherwise you’ll struggle in the exam.

Without violating the nda there are a few key skills you must know immediately otherwise you basically will get 0/300 and won’t be able to do most of the exam

Bruno Domingues:
Thanks @Aaron Lockhart always enjoy your courses and method of teaching

Bruno Domingues:
Here are some of my notes!AgFMgVN2iLE9tnH60CTqGCpW9F1g|!AgFMgVN2iLE9tnH60CTqGCpW9F1g

Mumshad Mannambeth:
This is awesome @Bruno Domingues!! Congratulations!!

Awantika Nigam:

Congratulations @Bruno Domingues