Azure lab account got closed automatically

Hi Team,
I have provisioned a Azure windows 2019 machine 2 vcpu and 8 gb ram machine, after 10 min, vm gets deleted and lab account got closed. Could you please let me know, did I made any mistake or issue from your end?
i received this account for login: [email protected]

later I received the below error:
The portal is having issues getting an authentication token. The experience rendered may be degraded.

Additional information from the call to get a token:
Extension: Microsoft_Azure_Marketplace
Resource: createleadapi
Details: AADSTS50034: The user account 264b7f93-c4c5-425d-9cdc-f4e55d17ba70 does not exist in the 0d7cc8e9-be54-45cc-b2e3-041a9b45aa57 directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory.
Trace ID: 36fbdf22-1664-4077-aa30-d9c3ff78e400
Correlation ID: bea5b377-f406-4840-bcb2-f4d10564b9e5
Timestamp: 2023-03-03 18:12:26Z

Hi @Curiosity,
Thanks for contacting us. One of our team members will check.
After this incident, did you try again to create the machine?



I haven’t tried after that, Just my question is can we provision windows 2019 or shouldn’t be?

It’s allowed, but it shouldn’t cross the limits mentioned on our cloud support page.